Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Guest Post - Scooter McGavin

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Rhys has been kind enough to take up a post over here to let you know about a little more about my blog, Scooter McGavin’s 9th Green. The name stems from an old college nickname from a guy who, much like me, saw Happy Gilmore one too many times. My longtime dream was to open up a sports bar and name it Scooter McGavin’s, but it taking the name of my blog will have to do for now. The 9th Green part of the name just came from not wanting to name it “Scooter McGavin’s Blog.” That seemed too bland so I took a somewhat obscure reference from the movie, it the place where Shooter sent Happy for a little hazing ritual, to jazz thing up. Unfortunately with the name Scooter McGavin’s 9th Green, there has been more than a few that have mistaken it for a golf blog.

The blog instead is an entertainment blog, but not of the salacious kind. So if you are interested in finding out whom Lindsay Lohan is dating this week, this may not be the blog for you (although in a measure of full discloser, every time I go over to my sister’s house I check out her subscription to Us Weekly for that very purpose). Everyday I post about different genres of entertainment including music, television, movies, sports, and politic (which I occasionally find entertaining). For the most part, these are reviews and analysis of various events.

I do run two special posts every month. The first of every month I induct some form of entertainment, whether it be an album, movie, television show or video game into the Scooter Hall of Fame. It must have been a decade since it was released and something that has deep meaning to me. To check out all the inductees, scroll down to the Terror Alert Scale link on my sidebar and the SHoF is at the bottom. Also the link shows all the reviews I have ever done. The second monthly special event is my Lyrics Quiz that I run on the fifteenth of every month. The person who gets the most right every month is then added to the Winner’s List on my sidebar. Also for music fans, usually every Tuesday I have an album review of an album that was released that day but be warned this week I currently reviewed the new Paris Hilton album. But in the coming weeks you can look for album by more creditable artists such as Audioslave, John Mayer and possibly “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Another segment that I am most likely known for in the Blogosphere, but is currently on hiatus, is my weekly Toss Up between the televisions shows Lost and Veronica Mars. The genesis of this came last summer when I declared them the two best shows on television only for the networks put them on at the at the same timeslot. It’s possibly this very running segment that landed me a trip to San Diego this past February to the set of Veronica Mars (I’m still waiting for my invite to the set of Lost in Hawaii) to interview cast and crew. To add to the celebrity exposure, I also got to participate in a chat with a childhood idle Denis Leary.

Again I would like to thank Rhys for letting me patrol her sidebar for the week and hopefully if you haven’t already, you will check out the 9th Green. And maybe you stopped by once and didn’t care for what you saw, maybe you will give me a second change (and for those put off by the grass background, may I suggest subscribing to you favorite feed reader as I have numerous one you can subscribe straight from my blog).

Thanks again everyone,
Scooter McGavin

Thanks Scooter for spending the week on my blog and being my first Renter.

With his departure, the renter's space on the top right is now up for rent again. If you are a Blog Explosion member, just clcik on the link on the top right. If not - what are you waiting for? Sign up here!



Blogger Rey said...

Hi Rhys,
thanks for dropping by. Will be looking out for you.

8/24/2006 2:39 PM  

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