Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I regularly surf blogs at Blog Explosion, and the other day I discovered JayB Carey’s blog called Jbcarey.Blog.Com. JayB lives and blogs from Belgium, and on his blog he runs competitions to win credits at Blog Explosion. While I was surfing his blog, I decided to also enter the current competition that was running at the time. I didn’t think any futher of it because I never have any luck in these sorts of things.

Until this morning, when I checked my email before leaving for work and discovered that I had won the competition! I know my blog was picked randomly, but I would like to thank JayB for picking my blog and I look forward to the traffic from the credits I won.

JayB’s blog Jbcarey.Blog.Com is a good read and I recommend checking it out. While you are there, have a look at the post by his outgoing renter The Blue Panther. In this post Blue Panther writes about the world becoming a smaller place because of the internet, and that people from the various corners of the world can, at the click of a button, get access to sites from the farthest point in the world. The Blue Panther’s thoughts remind me of why I created A World of Bloggers. That is, so that visitors to A World of Bloggers can reach out and touch others from around the world by reading, understanding, and then commenting on the blogs listed there.

I also recommend signing up for Blog Explosion. The blogs registered at Blog Explosion are (only) personal blogs, who would like to get more people to read writings. There are no crap spammy blogs there, like are often found at other sites. The way Blog Explosion works is that you earn credits by reading other blogs and then these credits are converted to traffic to your blog. A win-win situation!

Thanks again JayB, I’ll sure be back to check out your future writings (and competitions :-) )


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