Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Treadmill Dance

I saw this recently on another blog. Apologies to whose it was but I can't find you at the moment. Instead I looked up YouTube to find it because I just had to post it. These guys are very clever. Don't forget to crank up the speakers...

Meanwhile, my renter Katie has just announcied her love hate relationship with eggs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great way to start my day, Rhys. Oh, Lordy, some people have way too much time on their hands. What's with the Austin Powers outfits, d'ya think? Great post.

8/31/2006 10:14 PM  
Blogger Wingnut said...

Hey Rhys, thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comments. I just loved this video clip, what fun and creativity these guys have... I will definately check back often and am heading to your photo blog also! ~Cyndie

9/01/2006 3:33 AM  
Blogger Reeholio said...

Hi Gale, hi Cyndie,

I just love their groovy moves in this. Especially the 'skating' through the machines. You can see why I wanted to share it...

9/01/2006 8:29 PM  
Blogger MaRyKa said...

oh man!!

thats sooo hilarious!
Wish i could do that.. something to strive for..haha


Im gona try it at the gym!
Go 4 Gold!!

Oi rhys!!
I was gona be a pilot hey! on my way to PPL and everyhting.. did work experience at a flying school too!! What sort of aircraft to you fly? U been in an eagle 150?

9/04/2006 2:41 AM  
Anonymous justin said...

That is awesome!

I was dumb enough to try and attempt something similar on my treadmill ... and I failed miserably.

9/04/2006 4:51 PM  
Blogger Reeholio said...

Hi Maryka, I hope you wear equally outrageous clothes when you try it at the gym!

Good on you for doing some flying. I love having a job where I love my job. Sorry but I haven't been in a 150 though.

Justin, I hope you didn't hurt yourself!

9/14/2006 10:49 PM  

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