Sunday, August 26, 2007

Huey Art

I know it has been a long time since the last post, and many have no doubt thought that I have fallen off the side of the earth. Alas, fortunately not!
Having started a new job this year, moved house, and a few trips away, have all somewhat modified my lifestyle significantly. This of course has affected my blogging. Each time I look at my blog(s), a desire to post something sweeps over me. Unfortunately, this is followed soon after by a mental block, and motivation fades. At last here I am again...

I thought I might share a recent art project. I have never really considered myself as anything of an artist, until in March on trip to Dubai, I was inspired while having lunch at a Chinese Restaurant.
On the wall was some art work of chinese lettering or characters, and I thought I could do something similar but different of course. This was the result.

It is made with two sheets of 12mm MDF (medium density fibreboard) of approximately 1000mm x 600mm (3.3' x 2'). The rear sheet is painted matt black, and the front spaced out from the rear sheet by 12mm using dowels and painted in sunset colours. The back sheet is also slightly larger to give it the appearance of a black 3-D frame around it. The idea is of a Bell UH-1H 'Huey' Iroquois helicopter coming out of the sun, but sort of back-to-front.

I am very proud of the result, and it now hangs as the feature picture on my lounge room wall. Some friends who have seen it, initially thought it was just a painting until I told them to look a bit more closely at it. The look of realisation and surprise is magic.

I have been thinking about the idea of creating a second one and seeing what I could sell it for, but am not sure if I could sell it for enough to cover my time and effort. Other emotions such as modesty and fear of rejection have also stood as a barrier so far. It is one thing to create something for ones own benefit and joy. It is another to create something to sell for profit.

I welcome your comments and feedback.


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